What happens to Electroneum price? [6th November 2017]

Electroneum 6th November 2017

Electroneum 6th November 2017

It is was a hot news that the Electroneum call ETN the world first mobile cryptocurrency went live on 1st of November 2017. But, soon it goes live the Electroneum team has shut down their system by stating that they are experiencing some cyber attack. And, to save the ETN of investors, they took that decision to take their wallet system down.

Therefore, a lot of people who are interested about ETn and cryptocurrency, have only one question “What happens to Electroneum price?” will it go down or up?

According to my understanding, the price of ETN will go further down. due to a couple of reasons. I am not telling this because of my gut feeling, Think, still investors don’t have access to their ETN but, all ETN supply will depend on the miners’ and a couple of lucky people who were able to push their ETN before down the Electroneum system. But, still, the ETN has a larger amount of buyers around the world. Even with this buyer and limited ETN supply, how much is it? it is trading on Cryptopia platform around 0.00000692 BTC, $0.049404. in addition, with the cyber attack and the delayed of the ETN wallet launch, the trust of investors have bit gone down. it will take some time to gain the trust and confidence on the platform. with this factors, my personal opinion is the ETN is going down further after launching the Electroneum wallet and mobile miner due to the large supply and fewer buyers.


This is for open you all to debate and tells your opinions.

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